The trademark of a true craftsman is pride and quality. Without the satisfaction of one, the other is never achieved. Villadelta Construction Corporation was born with the vision to carry through the timeless tradition of custom quality. This caliber of skill and knowledge comes with over 40 years of experience.

        Villadelta is owned and operated by Al Pereira and his daughter Yvonne Pereira Dudley. Al’s impressive scope of expertise and experience in the building industry has gained him respect in England where he began his apprenticeship, and then further in Canada with Villadelta actualized and founded. presently Villdelta operated along the Florida Treasure Coast.

        As a custom builder Villadelta welcomes the opportunity to construct any home design or customize any changes to existing plans.  in today’s world our lifestyles and family needs should be accommodated; this is one of the distinctions between a custom home builder and the common “track” builder. The only thing common about Villadelta is the consistency of quality and service. In additional to custom quality homes, Villadelta also specialized in multifamily residence and commercial construction.

As the owners and builders, Al and Yvonne routinely communicate directly with their clients to ensure their full understanding of the building process. Al and Yvonne maintain the quality of their projects through their own hands on daily inspections.

        Al’s personal doctrine is akin to David Crokett’s during the war of 1812, “be sure you are right, then go ahead”. Maintaining this philosophy requires many hours of dedication and constant communication between the builder, his employees and especially clients. Yet, each time a project is completed the forethought and proficiency is the hallmark of Villadelta’s service. This founded relationship attests to the integrity of all directors and their belief in quality and service.

         Al and Villadelta Construction Corporation now invite you to the experience of true craftsmanship and quality.

England, circa 1965. Al hand framing roof trusses.

England, circa 1963. Al building cabinetry.

Aurelio (aka “Al”) Pereira

Residential Contrator Lic# CRC058035


Yvonne Pereira-Dudley

Commercial Lic #CGC1509027
Residencial Lic #CRC058551